The Advent Of Google Glass

The latest invention from the wise minds at Google has hit the market and is beginning to make its way into mainstream America. The initial model is available in America as of February 2013 for the steep price of $1,500. That is a price, though, that many are willing to pay to have the latest and greatest technology from arguably the most innovative technology company on the planet. Google Glass is an astounding piece of technology that takes the idea of the personal computer and then turns it on its head.

What Is It & How Does Google Glass Work?


google glass

Google Glass, simply put, is a computer that you wear in a pair of eyeglasses. What? That’s right, it’s a computer so small that it can be worn. But why eyeglasses? Well, the device operates largely off visual and audible cues. For instance, photographs can be taken merely with the blink of an eye, and simple spoken commands can prompt it to perform various actions. What is truly innovative about Google Glass, though, is that it is connected wirelessly to the Internet, and can transmit data to cyberspace instantaneously.

The Revolutionary Effect It Will Have on the World As We know It


The future of Google Glass is bright, and it can only improve from here. As of now, Google Glass has a storage capacity of only 1GB, and that is certain to expand with time. Also, Google Glass is presently only available in eyeglasses produced by Google. However, deals are currently in the works between Google and leading eyeglass manufacturers, including Ray Ban, to have Google Glass implemented seamlessly into a standard pair of glasses. Google Glass is still in a primitive stage, and we can only expect innovation to take over from here to make the device even smaller, faster, more efficient, and, of course, less expensive for all to use.

The Seattle Bar Incident

Really, there wasn’t an incident at all. However, a bar called The 5 Point Cafe in Seattle, WA, made headlines by banning Google Glass before it even hit the market. It comes as no surprise that the initial grievance with Google Glass was from the tech-savvy city of Seattle. The bar’s owner asserted that The 5 Point Café is a dive bar where people go to be themselves and not have to worry about the pressures and stresses of the outside world. In fact, the bar’s slogan is “Alcoholics serving alcoholics since 1929.” The owner went on to say that he did not want to have his patrons subjected to a device, almost unnoticeable, that is capable of streaming video and taking photographs and having them posted to the Internet instantaneously, and declared his bar to be a “No Google Glass zone.”

The Potential For Similar Situations to Arise

That bar in Seattle certainly won’t be the only business to find fault with Google Glass, and there are a number of reasons why. Movie theaters almost certainly will not want to have individuals view a film while being able to record it in a nearly undetectable fashion. Similarly, other businesses may want to preserve privacy for customers and decide to ban Google Glass because it can potentially infringe on privacy.

Legal issues will likely follow, but Sergey Brin, Larry Page, and the rest of the crew at Google are prepared to take on whatever may arise in the future. What it really comes down to is whether Google Glass will do more harm or more good, and as of right now, Google Glass promises to be a computing innovation that could transform life as we know it.

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