Let's Earn Together 

Mindtech has a lucrative affiliate programme, and you can earn as much as we earn. Mindtech shares a 50 percent profit margin with its affiliate partners.

Let's talk with Mr. Anant on Skype at mindtech.sales and learn more about the opportunity. We are recruiting affiliate partners from throughout the globe now to boost our sales.


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You can earn 50% of our profit margin. That means that all affiliate partners are our 50/50 partners. They equally make as we do.

Just connect with Mr. Anant on Skype at mindtech.sales, and rest assured, he will guide you about further things.

We pay each week. mostly on Monday, provided the minimum threshold is $50.

Your responsibility is referring customer to purchase our tracking service . Rest everything will be managed by us. 

You will receive 50 percent of our profit each month for 5 months. The provided customer continued our services for 5 months. Our service is a recurring revenue service that customers have to pay each month.

The minimum threshold amount is the amount that you have to reach for payment. This really helps to organize payments. We have kept 50 dollars in our affiliate programme as the minimum threshold amount.

Your current balance amount will be forwarded to next week’s billing.

Dependable infrastructure

We Understand that you need an infrastructure on which you can depend fearfully for your Performance Marketing Platform. That's why we collaborate with Google Cloud (GC) , OVH, and a few other well-known brands. To deliver a reliable, scalable, and effective Tracking System with 99.99% global uptime. Quality is the Key attribute for Mindtech Tracker.


Customers Feedback

There are a number of reasons to migrate to the Mindtech Performance Marketing Platform. Have a look at what people say about Mindtech Tracker.

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