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Affiliate Network Tracking Software For Your Growth

Mindtech Affiliate Network Tracking Software should be the most effective tracking system in the world. To accomplish the same goal, the entire crew is working really hard. We take client feedback extremely seriously and are growing together.

Whitelabeled Solution

Custom domain
Brand Customization
Complete Whitelabeled Solution
Free SSL for tracking & app domain

Advanced Options

Fraud protection tools
Complete employee management
Smart link
Real Time  Reporting

Power of Multi

Multi tracking domain
Multi currency
Multi Payout Models
Advanced Targeting

Premium GUI

Premioum and unique GUI
Easy To Use
Advanced email system
Email template management

offer sync and API

Free offer sync
Two-way affiliate API
Real-Time Data
Reliable Cloud Infrastructure

Awesome Support

Dedicated Manager included
24/7 support via Skype,
Phone,Ticket,Team Viewer
Free Custom Development

About Mindtech Affiliate Network software

Cut down your tracking costs by 70% and bring a lot of profit margin to your Affiliate Network without compromising quality.

We understand that for affiliate networks, 80% of revenue goes to satisfying and building long-lasting relationships with affiliates. They make hardly a 20% profit margin. So cost management becomes very important. But there is no scope for quality compromise in tracking. Otherwise, this will spoil the entire business.

Mindtech Affiliate Network Tracking Software Brings down the tracking cost to a very affordable level without compromising quality due to its innovation. The software is equipped with all the latest functionalities, like 2-way Affiliate API , one-click offer synchronisation with Known players, fraud protection, Complete employee management, Capp Management, and a white-labelled solution. highly optimised infrastructure for auto-scalling in case of huge traffic volumes encountered..

Complete Advertiser & Affiliate Management

Integrated Solution to Manage Your Affiliates and Advertisers, Mindtech Affiliate Network Tracking Software provides premioum and unique interface for Your Affiliates and advertisers.

Premium Affiliate and Advertiser Dashboard

Affiliate and Advertiser Billing Management 

Affiliate and Advertiser Postback Management 

Affiliate and Advertiser API Support

Seamless Postback Integration


All Integration method supported 

Mindtech Affiliate Network Tracking Software supports all possible Postback integration methods, and this can be done seamlessly on clicks.

S2S Postback Integration

Global and Individual postbacks are supported at the offer and event level.

Immage and Iframe Pixel Support

Immagage or iframe pixels can be used to integrate if your advertiser doesn't support S2S.

MMP Integration Parameters

You can integrate MMP  Links using aff_sub4 and aff_sub5 parameters without any issues for mobile campaigns.

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Key Features That Makes US Unique

Mindtech Affiliate Network Tracking Software's unique options make it user-friendly. We can't specify them all here. You can reach us for more.

URL Builder

Modifying affiliate links and using this as the default URL no longer requires a lot of technical Knowledge.

Archiving System

You can archive Your non-used data and make your system's Processing faster. You can still do reporting on archived data.

Events and Goals

You can set unlimited events and goals for an offer and manage the offer level and global postback for those on clicks.

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Offline conversion

For any reason, your advertiser doesn't fire postback like S2S, Iframe, or image pixels..? We can still do tracking for you. Reach out to us for more details.

Special Payouts

Want to give a special payout on any event or goal for a specific affiliate , who is really Special to you..? This is possible.

Refferal Hide

Based on your needs, you can hide or unhide the traffic source referral and many more things. Check out for more

Complete Employee Management

  • Customize users permissions

    The super admin can control permissions and show the data he wants for other users.

  • Multiple Super Admins

    There are a number of system administrators that can be created based on need.

  • Advertiser and Affiliate Managers

    Affiliate Managers and Advertiser Managers will be assigned to their respective accounts and visible as managers.

  • Create any rolls

    You don't need to show your valuable data to every employee. show only those items that he really requires.

Let the Fraud Protection Module
work For you

Select The Tool You Want To Integrate

Select any 3rd party tool from the various options to determine the fraud IP, bots, or proxy.

Set Parameters And Let Anti-Fraud Module Work

Select configuration parameters and set action once fraud occurs, and let our anti-fraud module act in real time.

Get Reports

You can see numerous detailed reports in the form of data and graphs about the actions taken by the fraud module. Guide you for the future.

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Customers Feedback

There are a number of reasons to migrate to the Mindtech Performance Marketing Platform. Have a look at what people say about Mindtech Tracker.

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