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Mindtech is an affiliate-tracking SaaS platform. It helps CPA Networks and Affiliate Networks manage their businesses. Even Affiliate and Advertiser e-commerce companies can use this for their media buys.

Mindtech can be used by Affiliate networks, affiliates, advertisers, and media buyers to manage their media buying from affiliates or any other source. If you are an Affiliate network owner, then you will definitely require this solution for tracking clicks and conversions coming from different offers and affiliates. At the same time, you need to manage affiliates, advertisers, and offers. All this can be done with a single Integrated system.

No, You don’t require a credit card for signup, trial, or demo..

offcourse Yes, you can manage your CPA Network with the help of the Mindtech Performance Marketing Platform.

offcourse Yes, you can manage your media buying process with the help of the Mindtech Performance Marketing Platform. You can track clicks and conversions and manage affiliates and offers from a single system.

offcourse Yes, Mindtech Performance Marketing Plateforme is a white-label solution. The good news is that whitelabling options begin with a very basic 30$ plan. This option is available in our competitor’s Advanced Plans (minimum price of 149 dollars).
You can have a custom App domain, for example, Network. YorDomain.com is the same thing for tracking domains. That will help you with the approval of Google Ads. You can give us a domain that works with Google Ads, and we will configure it as your tracking domain.
You Can have multi-track domains too. We supply free SSL certificates for App domains and custom domains. Normally, our competitors charge 20 dollars per month or 90 dollars per year extra for this. We enable you to do this without any extra charges.

Do you provide a trial plan or any demo access so we can check the platform?
offcourse Yes , Just book a demo or trial from our website . we provide 30 days free trial for all new customers. You can request it .we require 30 to 45 minute time for demo. we can do it via google meet.

Smart link is a link which represents multiple offers . You will be redirected to multiple offers based on geo and other filters . Mindtech supports smart links.

offcourse Yes. You can integrate Mindtech Performance’s marketing platform with your e-commerce site to run your affiliate programme. We can provide a URL like affiliate.yourdomain.com, and you can point your affiliate button link to this, and you are done. Rest assured, everything affiliate-related can be managed by the Mindtech Performance Marketing Platform.

Yes, we have annual plans. That way, you can save on your tracking and not have to worry about paying bills monthly hessel to pay bill.But for sure, if your monthly use limit is more than the plan you have enrolled for, you will get an extra use invoice in postpaid Faishan.

Yes, any time you feel you want to upgrade or downgrade your plan, even if you are on an annual deal. You can migrate from your next month’s cycle.

We don’t stop tracking after the monthly limit, as traffic is king. But for sure, your extra use amounts will reflect in your next month’s invoice.

API starts with our basic plan (30$ plan). We equip our customers with all tools from day 1 so they can grow, and along with that, for sure, we will grow together.

We have tried to be most affordable in pricing; if your requirement is huge, just connect with Mr. Anant on Skype (mindtech.sales) and we can do anything together. Nothing is impossible in this small world.

Offcourse Yes, we are flexible and here for you. Your growth and profit are important to us. Rest anything is second thought, and anytime you feel you need to change plans, you can migrate your plan to the appropriate one. This applies to both upgrades and downgrades.

Offcourse Yes, If you feel you don’t require our solution for any reason. You can cancel at any time. We don’t put you on a long-term contract like our other customers. We believe in mutual profit. You can quit our service at any time. If you are on the annual plan, your balance amount will be deposited with us. and you can use it at any time in the future, but it is not refundable.

You can pay via Paypal, Payneer, Wire, NEFT, Google Pay, or Phone Pay. Very soon, we will introduce Credit cards too. But for now, Credit cards are not supported.

We have recently implemented an archiving system that will enable you to keep your historical data for life. without compromising speed. Your data will not be removed even after retention. You can set the Archieving time, and those data will be transferred to Archieve and make your database lighter for great speed. At the same time, you can query on archived database using reports. You will not feel any difference.

We have one-click migration for affiliates, offers, and advertisers. You can download the XL template from Tools. Import Data Get the data in it and upload that to Mindtech from the same option. You’re done. It’s too easy.

Dependable infrastructure

We Understand that you need an infrastructure on which you can depend fearfully for your Performance Marketing Platform. That's why we collaborate with Google Cloud (GC) , OVH, and a few other well-known brands. To deliver a reliable, scalable, and effective Tracking System with 99.99% global uptime. Quality is the Key attribute for Mindtech Tracker.


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