Dedicated Manager Throughout The process 

Our Dedicated manager is going to take care of your smooth onboarding. With the help of KT (Knolege Transfer Sessions) via Team Viewer, tutorial video, or Skype chat, and the good thing is we don't charge anything extra for this support. Our competitors either charge an extra amount for a dedicated manager or have included this in their rocketing prices.



You can reach us in any way, based on your convenience.

Your dedicated manager will be available to you via all possible mediums, so you can get the best consultation and focus on your core business.

Video Tutoral 

You will have access to video tutorials that you can play unlimited times without any restrictions.

Remote one to one sessions

We can arrange a remote session for you via remote desktop, like Google Meet, based on your needs.

Phone , email or Skype Chat

You can reach your dedicated manager any time for your help using Phone , Email Or Skype .

Mindtech Smooth Onboarding
goes like this

Detailed  Demonstration 

We organise a detailed one-on-one remote session to demonstrate the software so you can utilise it to its full potential.

Access To The Video Tutorial

You will have access to a detailed tutorial video in Hindi and English. You can go through that without any time restriction.

Issue-based support

Any issues that come up can be addressed by your dedicated manager via phone, Skype, email, or Google Meet.

Dependable infrastructure

We Understand that you need an infrastructure on which you can depend fearfully for your Performance Marketing Platform. That's why we collaborate with Google Cloud (GC) , OVH, and a few other well-known brands. To deliver a reliable, scalable, and effective Tracking System with 99.99% global uptime. Quality is the Key attribute for Mindtech Tracker.


Customers Feedback

There are a number of reasons to migrate to the Mindtech Performance Marketing Platform. Have a look at what people say about Mindtech Tracker.

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