You can request a new function without incurring any extra charges.

You can reach your dedicated manager at any time to request a new function without incurring any extra charges. Make sure that the new proposed functionality will help the mass affiliate industry. The requested function will be conveyed to the product team, and they are the final authority to decide. The delivery deadline will be based on the type of functionality and the dev queue position. Also avoid look-and-feel-related requests. Look and feel vary from person to person, and it is very difficult to satisfy each user at a personal level in terms of UI. So the look and feel can't be changed for a specific person. But still, you are welcome to give your valuable feedback on the UI too. We take feedback from a lot of customers, and then we finalise the UI stuff.

Dependable infrastructure

We Understand that you need an infrastructure on which you can depend fearfully for your Performance Marketing Platform. That's why we collaborate with Google Cloud (GC) , OVH, and a few other well-known brands. To deliver a reliable, scalable, and effective Tracking System with 99.99% global uptime. Quality is the Key attribute for Mindtech Tracker.


Customers Feedback

There are a number of reasons to migrate to the Mindtech Performance Marketing Platform. Have a look at what people say about Mindtech Tracker.

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