There is a solution for your needs when you wish to use something more than a shared hosting plan but are not sure if you would want to go for dedicated hosting. This is when CentOs VPS hosting can help your concern. It will help you when you do not want to design a personal website but want to go in for a business website. At mindtech Solutions we have the right VPS hosting plans for you.

CentOs VPS

Choose The Right VPS – CentOs VPS or Ubuntu VPS


VPS hosting service consists of a single server which is divided into many virtual servers by means of software installed and running on that server. It is important to note that though the server is shared in terms of its resources such as RAM, disk space etc, each of the VPS on the server work independently of each other. This acts like a dedicated server but with a smaller space and reduced costs. Our VPS hosting services provide all the features that you expect of an excellent VPS so that you can independently run your website and business with much ease and security.

You are free to use the VPS hosting you opt for in every sense of the term and it is completely independent from all others. You always have the basic access to your own VPS and you can make all the changes you want without any interference, in accounts, permissions and everything. This means that you can have access to your VPS literally as in the case of a dedicated server and at the cost of a fraction of it.

Work without having any effect on other VPS on the same machine. Use software, run scripts, do anything at all on your VPS without having any external effects and without affecting other VPS.
Our programming based support for the VPS include PERL, PHP, security through SSL certificate, daily web statistics, web based apps like Word Press, data backup, audio and video, one click installer for applications and much more.

You can choose the Linux operating system – CentOs VPS or Ubuntu VPS – that you might want to use.