When you intend to get your web site onto the internet, you will need a web host services provider. Such services have a wide range depending on how much you are willing to spend and how big or small are the scope of your website. If your webpage is a personal one you might go in for free hosting to hosting with minimum amount of expenditure. But such hosting services have limited access and options. Expensive hosting services can be opted for large business concerns. There is wide range of difference between the different hosting services and plans provided by different providers.

Dedicated Hosting VPS Hosting
host services

Professional Dedicated Hosting Services on Cent OS Servers Apache. Includes support forPHP, MySQL, PostgreSQLand based on Cpanel Control Panel.

Dedicated Hosting 


Professional VPS Hosting Services on Linux RedHat Enterprise (RHEL)/ Open VZ / Apache. Includes support for PHP, Perl, CGI, MySQL and PostgreSQL and based on HyperVM.

VPS Hosting 

Windows Hosting Linux Hosting
 window server

Professional Hosting Services on Windows 2003 Servers / IIS 6. Includes support.

Windows Hosting

linux server

Professional Hosting Services on Linux RedHat Enterprise (RHEL) Apache. Includes supportfor PHP, Perl, CGI, MySQL and PostgreSQL and based on Cpanel.

Linux Hosting

The Wide Ranges Of Host Services


Host services, as mentioned come in wide range depending upon your budget and your needs. But these host services have one thing in common. You can increase the visibility of your webpage through access to the internet. Apart from that, if you are going to put your website online for serious business purposes, it might be the best idea to go for a standard paid webhosting service rather than free host services. As many of us who have used a free internet hosting service might know, they are suitable only for personal purposes and not for any serious business sales.

Mindtech Solutions’ Internet Hosting Service


The hosting provided at mindtech solutions are much better in terms of usability and efficiency than the free webhosting services and much cheaper in terms of cost than most of the standard paid web hosting services. We proudly engage the most efficient and dedicated team of server managers in our webhosting field. Our focus is utmost client satisfaction through most usable options of web server assistance and highest uptime.

We at mindtech solutions provide most convenient web hosting plans to our clients for optimum utilization of resources. Go through our hosting plans and you will be sure to find the best and convenient plan with us. With our services your website is most safe and on the web for your maximum benefit. We are at your service through our customer care whenever you need us.