Domain Registration

When it comes to find domain name, it is very important that you choose or get to choose the one most relevant to your site’s orientation. It is recommended that your selected domain should not be too silly or irrelevant. It should be easy to remember lest any of your customers forget it and they should not need to refer to any document. It is better to stay away from free or cheap servers which register domain addresses which reside on these free domains. Such sites are ignored by many of the search engines. Even if the search engines identify and don’t ignore your domain name, it is important for the domain name to be within the prescribed character limit and professional enough (includes your company name) to gain the attention of your potential customers.

Find Domain Name In The Right Way

find domain name

There are some simple rules to follow to find domain name correctly. As mentioned earlier, the character limit of your domain name has to be within the guidelines and set regulations. A limit of 63 characters is to be maintained while choosing a domain name. You are allowed to use only letters, hyphens and numbers in your domain name and it can be in either upper case or lower case because the DNS ignores the case of your letters used. So feel free to use both upper and lower case letters to make your domain name more readable and easy to remember.

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