Some Basic TIPS For Search Engine Optimization Never To Be Missed

To start with, the most common practice of people who want to rank at the top of search engine, Is they believe in scammers,  who promise those instant results or permanent top positions. How do you think someone can be permanently at the top..?  I fail to understand how do these scammer SEO consultants guarantee all of their customers, dealing with similar businesses, top positions! How can just everyone be at the top!  Well coming to think of it, no one can “guarantee” you permanent top positions.

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One of the basic guidelines of good Search Engine Optimization happens to be very similar to that of basic web standards: High quality markup language, ease of access and use. We all know that we need to first optimize our webpage and then go for its promotions. Now, when we are optimizing our site for ease of visibility, use and accessibility for our human users in the right way, we are actually attracting the search engine robots also into our favor. This guideline of making your webpage optimal in terms of usability, accessibility and high markup language, both for humans and for search engine robots, is a major one which is to be pointed out even before I start to discuss the topic.

Some Basic Guidelines For Search Engine Optimization

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  • There are no short cuts to success

You will never reach your destination over night. If someone promises you this, don’t   trust them. You should understand the fact that Search Engine Optimization involves some real hard work. Be patient.

  •  Content is the King

Even if you think that your site is technically perfect for search engine robots, they still look for good content. The key to attract both the search engine bots and visitors to your sites is good content. By good content I mean, get both your language and facts right on your web page.

  •  Refreshing your content

Changing your content and writing new content regularly helps a lot. The robots are more curious by the changing nature of your site’s content and keep indexing it more often. Also visitors keep returning to your site if you give them refreshing and good quality content.

  • Use good headings on your page

Optimal and good headings using the h1, h2 ,h3, etc elements. Most safely you can use text headings in your page but flash ones or images may be ignored or paid less attention to by the bots.

  • Use short but descriptive titles

The most important element of your page happens to be your page title. Nevertheless, keep it short yet descriptive, in order for users to quickly get what your page contains and if it is relevant or not. Also in order for the search engine robots to index your page easily you need to keep your title short yet, descriptive and relevant.

  • URLs

The right kinds of URLs prove to be very helpful while bots index your web site. Keep in mind to use URLs which are both human readable and search engine friendly.

  • Get those links

Getting back links is equally important for your off page SEO as getting your on page optimization done.

  • Submissions

Try submitting your site carefully so as not to overdo it. You can first submit to Google if Google has not yet indexed you.

 Well there’s a lot more to be said and done for search engine optimization and the topic is in exhaustive, considering the ever changing indexing methods of search engines. Go ahead and start. Take time and work hard to get there. Happy optimizing!

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