Health Apps For The Smartphone Era

In today’s world, smartphones are pretty much the standard for cellular communication. They’re equipped with all sorts of features that have nothing to do with making or receiving a call, but definitely simplify our lives. The phones of today are equipped with apps, or simply apps, that serve a specific purpose, from locating a nearby café to managing stocks and more. Among the most popular of all the apps used by smartphone users today, though, are those related to health and fitness. What come next are synopses of some of the leading apps that deal primarily with health and fitness.

Health Apps For The Smartphoneapps


Nike+ Running

The most famous company to ever come out of the state of Oregon is at it once again. This time, it isn’t a new shoe for LeBron James or a fabric that helps keep professional athletes cooler, but actually something designed for everyone. The apps is called Nike+ Running, and it is simple to use. All you have to do is open the apps and tell it when you are beginning a run. From there, the apps will record your total and per-run distance traveled, average and fastest mile times, and theoretical calories burned. It even tracks how many miles you run or walk in a given pair of shoes, so you can know when it is time to hang up a pair of worn-out sneakers.

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal

For decades, people have tried to eat healthy to drop pounds, and have counted calories to adhere to a strict diet. Constantly looking up caloric values, jotting them down, and keeping track can be arduous and time consuming, but the Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker apps from MyFitnessPal takes all the hard work out of the equation. The apps features an extensive database of foods of all kinds, and these can easily be found by users. You simply type in what you have eaten, and the apps records the data for you. What’s even better, though, is that this apps has the capability of logging a history of your total caloric intake per day, allowing you to see how many – or how few calories you consumed on a certain day, and that is sure to keep you honest with your diet.

BMI Calculator by Data Supply

What is BMI and why is it important? BMI stands for body mass index, which is calculated by a somewhat complex formula that takes into account age, height, and, most importantly, weight. It is important to pay attention to because it tells you more about your body than you may know. Sure, it is just a number, but that number means a lot. Instead of looking up the formula, grabbing a calculator, and checking your work to see if you’ve calculated your BMI correctly, you can simply download the BMI Calculator apps from Data Supply, and have it do all the difficult math for you. It can even track your BMI over periods of time, allowing you to see how well your fitness regimen has paid off.

Sleep Cycle alarm clock by Maciek Drejak Labs

As the only non-free apps listed in this article, Sleep Cycle alarm clock is available for $0.99. It’s a small price for an application that can potentially change your energy throughout the day and help you wake up when well rested. When Sleep Cycle is activated, it tracks your movements during sleep, and seeks to wake you up when you are in the lightest stage of sleep within a 30-minute interval before when you would like to wake up in the morning. The theory behind this concept, backed by real science, is that the lighter the stage of sleep when waking, the less of a disruption there is when waking from sleep, leading to a more rested feeling when waking.

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