Keeping The Database In Check

The database management process should not be too complicated, and learning to use business software should not take a lot of time. Let Reniew Software help you survive such an inconvenience.

Database Management Process


Creating a database of clients and customers based on information available on the Reniew Dashboard Home Screen would make it easy for you to establish new database and maintain old ones. With a user-friendly interface that labels all tabs and buttons you need to click for managing your business online, more time is spent on the income-generating aspect of the business, not on DIY lessons. Some database management services might even need the help of an IT specialist if you can afford one.

Buying the database software though is much cheaper than keeping an IT specialist on your payroll. Just think of the overhead costs you would save yourself if you yourself manage the database. You don’t have to face an error message when updating your database just because of some shortcut codes that you clicked in error out of hastily typing things. Nobody wants that inconvenience. But that doesn’t mean you would have to rely on MS-DOS-based computer software in a futile attempt to get your business on automation mode. It is not a good mindset to keep when managing a business.

Although learning curves in start-up businesses are tolerable, they can be managed and minimized with the kind of self-help Reniew provides as a database management service. Just go to the Reniew Home Screen Dashboard, under “Navigation Home”, click “Home” and you are taken to the screen that gives you a list of the top 20 customers, top 20 vendors and top 20 distributors that would provide you with useful information to sift through potential customers. Some folks on the list might be current customers too and ensuring repeat business is done with them will be very helpful. But first go to the topmost part of the Home screen just in the same row as that of the Reniew logo where a numbered list of things to do is only a click away from your disposal. Under “Explore”, you are given an orientation on what database management software does to your business and why purchasing Reniew software is the best decision you ever made as an online entrepreneur when you click “About Reniew Software”.

To get a step-by-step tutorial on how to use Reniew for your database management system, click “Watch Tutorial Videos” to make sure you are clicking the right buttons and gathering the right information in building your initial batch of customers. Click “Download User Manual” so that you can have your own printed copy to check on a regular basis when some troubleshooting steps need to be taken.

On the same row, under “Get to Work” are buttons you can click to apply the things you have learned from the tutorial videos and the user manual. With buttons that are labeled with tasks they are expected to perform, you don’t have to enter complicated computer language. It is software that responds to you; not the other way around.

You may avail of a free trial of the database management system. It will be very helpful in generating income for your business.

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