Support Services

The incorporation of live chat services works wonders for your organization in many ways. The live assistance that you provide to your website visitors means a lot in the sense that your satisfactory customer service might turn your visitors into loyal customers. It is a good option to provide personal and premium live chat assistance to your visitors and cater to their queries. It gives the visitors a profound sense of hospitality when your customer service reps ask them if they need help and that they are at their service at any point in the course of their stay on your website.

The Way Live Assistance Works For You


We offer a variety of plan in live chat Virtual assistance services which is capable of handling your all live assistance requirements
Integration of our chat system
Our live chats system can be integrated to your website without any hassle. This means that you will be able to integrate live chat support on your site with the help of a small code snippet. Chat system will work independently and it will show that operator is online, with small change at your website.
If you have not taken 24*7 assistance and you are not online in that scenario also, the ability to capture the visitor request .which you can server letter when you or your staff will be online.
Another feature provide by Mindtech Solutions’ live assistance system it gives complete traffic reports , What is the source of traffic..? By which keyword it is searched in any search engine..? what is the IP of visitor…? Many more things about visitor, That is going to help you as base data for your future marketing strategy.

live assistance

  • 24*7 Chat assistance
  • 16*7 Chat assistance
  • 8*7 Chat assistance

How We Train Our Customer Service Reps


We at Mindtech Solutions understand the need of such hospitality and provide intuitive guidance and training sessions to our customer service reps to cater to your site visitors in the most satisfactory manner. Our live chat assistance services have loads to offer to you. The scrupulous services and methodologies that we adopt ensure a high ROI by increasing your sales in a tactical manner. Our chat assistants are trained promote your products to your site visitors, provide useful information about your products and services and motivate them to make purchases.