e-commerce Solutions

It is essential that you make your site fast and simple to use, make it easy to locate your site on the web and be able to view your current products. With Mindtech, it becomes easy to make your e-commerce site easy to upload update and add or change your products in your inventory, making it a comprehensive selling tool.

Mindtech’s E-commerce Solutions


With the ever increasing competition in the field of online marketing and online store, it is becoming increasingly important for you to give your customers the best and satisfactory online shopping experience through e-commerce.

Mindtech Online Store Features


•Easy inventory management

Manage your product inventory easily in case of adding, changing or updating any of your products.

•Intuitive up-selling
Increase your sales by giving customers, recommendations of what they would like to buy, throughout your website.

•Attractive representation of products
Show your customers the range of your products in an enticing manner with drop down screens etc. that display the variety of colors, sizes and styles that your product is available in.

•Secure payment gateways
Authorize your online transactions to your internal payment system or merchant bank in a secured way.

•Increased payment options
Give your customers a varied line of options for payment via credit card, purchase offers, fax or phone.

•Automated data collection
Collect data and statistics by tracking your customers, their likes and dislikes, their buying habits, the time they stayed on your site and what they look at.

•Automated shipping calculation
Calculate the shipping rates automatically using the prevailing UPS costs and present it to your buyer for their convenience.

•Maintenance of opt in email lists
Maintain a customer list of interested customers to send them promotional information.

•Encrypted security
Incorporate encrypted security for payment and give your customers peace of mind and satisfaction of a secured payment.

•Easy to maintain
Modify the product information and pricing options easily without the requirement of any technical knowledge.

•Advanced Search capability

Make it effortless for your customers to get what they want by searching your site through our advanced search option.

Our other services include

  • System Integration
  • Database Configuration
  • Software Customization

Make your site an instant and effective selling tool. Find out more about Mindtech’s eCommerce solutions by contacting us now!